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Initial evaluation: Registration Software not working, unable to retain staff for registration position, how to make this easier. Need for improved Sponsor tracking, Google Sheets + QBO +Asana are inadequate, database is desired, SalesForce was problematic. Need for streamlined process to obtain, store, edit and transfer conference planning information (teacher bios, names, workshop schedule).

And then I was like “Y’all got this shit silo’d but you know it’s all the same shit right? And I got pissed off and made a test database in AirTable (make one to share that uses fake names).

So I took over a staff meeting, talked the group through a couple of Agile processes, co-developed an evaluation process I call “The Captain Buzzkill Method”, and we split out into working groups and shit is getting done.

Photos of whiteboards, mindmaps, big notepads from meetings, Asana board.

Do we call this “Agile for Nonprofits”?

Mention training in Dynamic Governance & Collective Impact?